Event description

Acclaimed Writers Christina Thompson, Rishi Reddi and Daniel Tobin Set the Table for a Delicious Clash of Cultures.

November 20, 2010 @ 7p.m.

The Tannery Series hosts a feast before the feast. Pass the smoked heads, dosas and terza rima. Join us for a literary banquet as we serve up the original Thanksgiving ideal: two different worlds—mutually incomprehensible, occasionally hostile—brought together at one table. (Sort of like dinner with your in-laws.) From Maori war dances to Indian-American weddings, from Disneyland to the caves of Lascaux—we’ll travel across cultures, tastes and ages to celebrate the vibrant, furious differences that make our turkey-loving nation great. How many worlds collide at your table?

On the Menu:

Harvard Review editor Christina Thompson (Come on Shore and We Will Kill and Eat You All) shares her fascinating account of marriage to a Maori man. One part memoir and one part ethnography, this inventive, illuminating story bridges cannibalism, colonialism and good, old-fashioned romance.

PEN Award winner Rishi Reddi (Karma and Other Stories) reads her gem-like short stories to bring us Indian (the real ones)-Americans as they search for a freedom that transcends both custom and country.

Guggenheim award-winning poet Daniel Tobin (The Narrows) connects Ireland and America, traditional forms and free verse. Tobin will read from the brand new Belated Heavens, a stunning book that encompasses Babylonian gods and paparazzi, medieval cartography and DNA.


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This event is the third in The Tannery Reading Series, following February’s successful Love, Lust and Loathing and June’s Are You Cool? All events are free and open to the public, but come early to find a seat.

For more information email: info@tanneryseries.com.