Event description

The Tannery Series Kicks off its Second Year by Taking Mother’s Day to a Whole New Level

Join Authors Aine Greaney, Pamela Greenberg and Jedediah Berry for a Celebration of Moms with Supernatural Powers, Biblical Rage and a Hotline to the Almighty

Need a little “mutha” in your Mother’s Day? Ditch the buffet brunch and chenille bathrobe (really, she doesn’t need another one) and join The Tannery Series for A Scandal of Women: a literary evening of all-powerful women that leaves the Hallmark holiday in the dust. In honor of the great maternal One, award-winning authors Aine Greaney, Pamela Greenberg and Jedediah Berry  will take us beyond the clichés of “Mommy Dearest” and “Super Mom” to do that amazing lady justice. Come celebrate Mom in all her true power and glory.

On the program:

Aine Greaney (Dance Lessons) shares her clear-eyed tale of loss and redemption, which reaches from America to Ireland and features a mother whose titanic rage scatters children across continents.

Pamela Greenberg (The Complete Psalms) discusses her ground-breaking translation of the Psalms, which—for the first time in history—does not specify God’s gender and includes women as part of the Psalm’s prayers and conversations.

Jedediah Berry (The Manual of Detection) reads from his ambitious detective novel, which rockets beyond the traditional whodunit to create a brilliant, surreal world where a mother and daughter can manipulate your dreams.

All events are free and open to the public, but come early to save Mama a seat.

For more information email: info@tanneryseries.com.