Event description

Elegies, Funeral Pyres and a Coffin! The Tannery Series Hosts a Literary All Souls Feast

Come get your ghost on with Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Paul Harding and acclaimed essayist Jaed Coffin.

Tis’ the season for apparitions, lost souls and stories from the Beyond. The Tannery Series is celebrating the Halloween season with tales of death-bed visions and voices from the afterlife. Join authors Paul Harding and Jaed Coffin for As I Lay Dying, a literary visit with the mysterious, haunting and otherworldly.

On the program:

Paul Harding (Tinkers, Pulitzer Prize 2010) reading from his stunning debut novel, which follows three generations of New Englanders from life to death and back again. Beginning at the death-bed of George Washington Crosby and expanding to include the life of his epileptic father and the lives of his decedents, Harding’s characters make an ecstatic, transcendental journey—a journey which explores the mysteries of human consciousness and the beauty of nature.

Jaed Coffin (A Chant to Soothe Wild Elephants) reading from his essay, “My Mother’s Burning Body,” first published in The Sun Magazine. Reaching from Maine to Thailand, this elegant memoir centers on Coffin’s startling remembrance of his mother’s funeral pyre and probes the larger meaning of inheritance between a parent and child.

This event is free and open to the public, but come early to grab a front-row seat for the sweet hereafter.

For more information email: info@tanneryseries.com.