Event description

The Tannery Series Revs its Engine with Muscle Cars and Muscular Prose

Join us as hometown favorite Andre Dubus III and debut author Anthony D’Aries offer up red-blooded, blue-collar stories about being 21st century men.

Man Up! This fall, The Tannery Series is taking on the modern man. Come hear two extraordinary authors explore masculinity, violence and the dark legacies of larger-than-life fathers.

On the program:

Andre Dubus III (The House of Sand and Fog) reading from his beautiful, gritty new book, Townie.This clear-eyed memoir chronicles the harsh brutality of the author’s mill-town childhood and illuminates the choices that led him away from a life of machismo and violence toward empathy, writing and reconciliation with his father.

Anthony D’Aries (The Language of Men: A Memoir ) reading from his award-winning first book, which catapults us from Ho Chi Min City to Long Island, exploring a father’s legacy of hot cars, rock ‘n’ roll and lurid war stories. Searching for the sources of his own troubled behavior, D’Aries plunges into the culture and history that produces sons, fathers and husbands, examining the cost of speaking the language of men.

This event is free and open to the public—muscle Ts and boxing gloves are optional!

For more information email: info@tanneryseries.com.