Event description

Come Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Nationally Acclaimed Authors Steve Almond, Rachel DeWoskin and Frederick Speers

The Tannery Reading Series Gets Rolling with a Funky Literary Event for the Hip and Hip at Heart

Wondering how to wow the latest love of your life this V-day? Celebrating your (temporary) retirement from the battlefield of love? More into My Bloody Valentine than the Hallmark holiday? Have no fear. Join us for the first reading in The Tannery Series this Valentine’s Day weekend. Check the fluffy bears at the door as authors Steve Almond (My Life in Heavy Metal, Candy Freak), Rachel DeWoskin (Foreign Babes in Beijing, Repeat After Me) and poet Frederick Speers plumb the deep, dark depths of that crazy thing called love.

Lovers of the beautiful and strange will enjoy hearing Almond’s hilarious tales of love gone wrong, DeWoskin’s account of a teenage dwarf embroiled in a sex scandal and Speers’ laments about lovelorn drag-queens and romance in public parks.

Have a favorite poem or bit of fiction about love, lust or loathing? Bring it. (And no, we don’t mean your most recent bout of passion, poured out on a coffee shop napkin. We have those too. We mean a classic, published work, by someone other than you.) Audience members can join the fun during a brief open mike session. A strict, 3 minute time limit will be enforced. Violators will be pelted with candy hearts.

For more information email: info@tanneryseries.com.